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Welcome to The Portable Mural Company’s  online gallery and shop.

The home of our exclusive portable mural wall Art.


portable mural wall artOur art is painted on wood and cut-out as a unique one-of-a-kind portable wall mural on board. It can celebrate loved ones, human or animal, your favourite characters or celebrities and is suitable for your home or business. A wonderful gift or conversation piece, a portable mural on board is a truly unique and individual wall art! The Portable Mural Company has shared its wondrous talent for mural painting,  portrait painting and wall art with art enthusiasts for over ten years.


portable mural wall artThe company, run by Brendan Melia, specializes in wonderful, eye-catching hand-painted, portable mural wall art  for homes, restaurants, schools, creches, hospitals, churches and a wide variety of other businesses.

We invite you to peruse this site and learn more about and shop with the Portable Mural Company. View photographs of delightful hand-painted portable mural wall art, or contact Brendan, our resident artist, to discuss the portable mural wall art of your dreams. Spend some time browsing around and discover why Brendan Melia is one of the most popular mural painters around!

Choose from the displayed selection, or contact us now  to commission an your very own design.

Your portable mural wall art masterpiece awaits.

The portable mural company, Art for everybody!|

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